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Document Translation

Translation Japanese to English 12.5 JPYper Japanese character
English to Japanese 22 JPYper English word
Editing Japanese to English 10 JPYper English word
English to Japanese 9 JPYper English word
Native check 8 JPYper English word

Editing refers to comparatively checking the English translation with the Japanese original. Native check refers to checking only the English translation.

Rates for translation to languages other than Japanese are shown below.

Asian languages
Chinese (simplified characters) to Japanese 22 JPY per Chinese simplified character
Chinese (traditional characters) to Japanese 22 JPY per Chinese (traditional character)
Korean to Japanese 20 JPY per Korean character
Mongolian to Japanese 24 JPY per Mongolian character
Thai to Japanese 24 JPY per Thai character
Indonesian to Japanese 24 JPY per Indonesian word
Vietnamese to Japanese 24 JPY per Vietnamese word
European languages
French to Japanese 22 JPY per French word
German to Japanese 22 JPY per German word
Italian to Japanese 20 JPY per Italian word
Spanish to Japanese 24 JPY per Spanish word
Portuguese to Japanese 24 JPY per Portuguese word
Russian to Japanese 24 JPY per Russian word
Dutch to Japanese 24 JPY per Dutch word

For translations in a language pairs not included in the list, please feel free to contact us. We will provide a free estimate for your desired language.


This service converts audio data received in mp3 or other audio formats into word script. Audio data from lectures and interviews at an international conference or symposium, etc. are inputted into the specified file

We can also provide translation after transcription.

Japanese At least 8,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
English At least 15,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Chinese At least 12,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Korean At least 12,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Mongolian At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Thai At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes>
Indonesian At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Vietnamese At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
French At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
German At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Italian At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Spanish At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Portuguese At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Russian At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes
Dutch At least 18,000JPY~ per 30 minutes

The transcription rate will vary depending on audio quality, the number of speakers, etc. Your understanding is appreciated.


Process after payment

1. Enter the required information in the Inquiry Form, upload files for translation, and click the “Submit” button.

2. We provide a estimate.

3. Please make payment via PayPal.

4. Upon receiving payment translation work will promptly begin.

5. The translated data is delivered.

Please do not hesitate to contact us TEL +81 50-1148-5702 business hours 9:00 - 18:00


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